Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Photoblog updated

Well Easter's been and gone. The good bit: trekking and 4wd-ing through one of the most ancient and beautiful landscapes on Earth (and only 4 hours drive from Adelaide). The bad bit: hitting a kangaroo in my newish car with no roo-bar. Cosmetic, but expensive to repair, damage to the car. The kangaroo...well..... he's up in marsupial heaven with lots of green grass and water, and no cars or roo-shooters to be seen anywhere.

Check out the photos and note, from a climate change perspective, that the South Eastern half of the country is predicted to get dryer. The top photo and bottom four photos are taken from operational and currently viable sheep stations. There's actually been some recent rain (note the Gum trees regenerating). The way things are changing their money won't be coming from farming much longer, I suspect.