Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A performance that will never be bettered

Robert Johnson, perhaps the greatest of the Delta bluesmen, recorded just 29 songs. Legend has it that Johnson met the Devil at a cross-road, and traded his immortal soul for mastery of the guitar.

Johnson didn’t invent the blues. As he traveled throughout the Mississippi Delta, he picked up and remembered many hundreds of tunes, including those he had only heard on a single occasion. His genius lay in the fact that he took this plethora of musical experiences and incorporated and condensed them into those 29 songs. Perhaps Johnson traded his soul for far more than just technical guitar playing ability? One thing is for sure, those recordings haven’t been surpassed to this day, and it’s unlikely they ever will be.

Yesterday I came across a short piece of work that reminded me of Johnson. Unfortunately the author of this piece is unnamed, but his or her innate talent is there for all to see. The article is a masterpiece, a work of the true virtuoso.

The author has seemingly taken every single delusional scribble that denies the link between human activity and current climate change and compressed them into a single article of just 1458 words. Considering the vast amount of crapolla that has been pumped out, this is an awe-inspiring feat. Every loony hypothesis, cherry-picked result, non-causative correlation and conspiracy theory is there. There’s even some Ray Evans. I present to you the first six paragraphs (click on the link for the rest) from the opinion piece in the Geelong Advertiser:
Hold on to your hats. Man-made carbon dioxide emissions are not to blame for global warming.

They're not to blame for rising temperatures, not for polar melting, not for sea levels and not for endangering species around the world.

No way. And all the scientists, environmentalists, politicians, even businesses, arguing CO2 is to blame are only doing so to protect vested financial or idealistic interests. They lack scientific data to back up their claims, readily berate and demonise any arguments to the contrary and merrily extend Oscar awards to the lobbyist propaganda movie of their own hypocritical champions.

What's more, rather than helping save the Earth, their misguided claptrap and zealotry is working against the interests of the planet and the humanity it sustains.
Global warming as a result of CO2 emissions is all the result of bad science, an incorrect moral stance and blinkered vision.

It's not that global warming isn't happening. It's just . . . well, it's just not all caused by CO2. It's also caused by solar activity and cosmic radiation -just like droughts. And if Earth's green warriors don't wake up to this reality they'll be consigning resource-rich, developing Third World countries to further subjugation by imperialist Western economies.
Did the author similarly sell their soul to the devil? It is a question that must be asked.