Thursday, March 29, 2007

IPCC wrong!!

Sadly I must admit to being wrong about the whole climate change thing as well. Reader Adrianne has set me straight. Click on the link to behold, wait for it....... the 'war causes global warming' theory.
The late years of the 1930th decade had been the warmest for several hundred years. The warmest autumns covering the last 507 years were in 1938, 1772, 2000 and 2006. The subsequent autumn/winter of 1938/39 was due to follow the trend. Instead winter 1939/40 became the coldest winter in Europe north of the Alps for more than 100 years. Why? North- and Baltic Sea had become a naval battleground. 1000 naval vessels ploughed the waters day and night. Millions of small and big explosives swirled the water about. The autumn warm seawater, serving Europe like a central heating, was quickly squeezed out. It rained cats and dogs along the battle line between France and Germany from September to November 1939. The general wind direction changed from SW to NE. Atlantic depressions were barred to cross the continent, as demonstrated by the weather map of December 7th, 1939. The Neue Zrcher Zeitung observed this already in January 1940, which is all explained in detail in the BOOKLET presented on this site.
Excellent work. Makes perfect sense. Don't know why nobody spotted this earlier. Thankfully, science has progressed.