Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Oz editorial - still wing-nut central. Part IV

Clearly Chris Mitchell, the editorial writer for our only national newspaper, the Australian, is trying to piss me off.

On Tuesday I commented on this fawning appraisal of the recent C4 programme:
A recent Channel Four documentary in Britain, The Great Climate Change Swindle, presents a coherent argument for why governments must hasten slowly in responding. The British documentary highlights the anomaly that temperatures are rising faster at the earth's surface than in the upper atmosphere, directly contradicting the greenhouse hypothesis. It also highlights the fact that ice core data relied on by global warming alarmists actually shows world temperature increases occurred hundreds of years before corresponding rises in the level of atmospheric C02, again contradicting greenhouse theory. The program puts forward evidence to show the world's climate is controlled by clouds, which are controlled by cosmic rays, which are in turn controlled by the sun.
And from today's editorial, entitled "Warming to debate: public dissent over climate change is a good thing" (Dissent,
Other respected scientists have told a British documentary, The Great Climate Change Swindle, that the scientific data actually demolishes the central global warming hypothesis that carbon emissions are responsible for rising temperatures. This, they say, is demonstrated by the absence of a temperature increase in the middle atmosphere, relative to the earth's surface. Another anomaly is that ice-core samples show atmospheric carbon build-up had followed higher temperatures so could not have caused them. These scientists favour solar activity as the answer to global warming.

I gotta admit, though, these crazies have got some staying power. They're like the Terminator; no matter how much you kick their arse, blow them up and rain destruction on them (using such weapons as logic, good science and an association with reality), they still keep on coming.

If we could only harness this pathological determination to prove reality wrong as a novel renewable form of, there's a thought!