Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What………it’s 2007? Surely not!

Andrew Bolt (AKA the screechin’ weasel) must be a Green plant. No, not that sort of plant; he’s a setup. Now, your average denialist isn’t exactly Mensa material, but most of them are clever and tricky. They know how to pick around the edges of a solid theory and sow the seeds of doubt within the mind of the unsuspecting public. They amplify uncertainty.

But our friend Screechy is sadly not even capable of that. He posts graphs of falling stratospheric temperatures, which are predicted to occur when [CO2] increases, and claims this somehow indicates anthropogenic global warming is a fraud, when it actually occurs exactly as theorised.

According to Bolt:
In the stratosphere, of course, the problem is global cooling.
Note that he's now removed the graph from his post.

Today, however, Screechy really came a cropper. Here’s his post entitled ‘April shivers’, which oh so smartly implies that warming ain’t a happenin’:

A little strange that title, I thought, as it’s actually been one of the warmest autumns on record down here in the southern bits of Oz.

Then, if you are in possession of working eyes, you’ll note that the graph ends in 2006 (the tabulated values prove this). Here’s the thing; the April we have just ‘shivered’ through occurred in the year 2007. Surprised?

I detect someone has just made an idiot of themselves.

But, hang on, could it be that Victoria, where Screechy lives, has had a cold April?

Nope, it’s actually been a warmer than average April there too.

So you see why I’ve come to the conclusion that Screechy is a Green-Leftist in disguise, planted in Rupert’s media empire to destroy denialism from the inside through sheer incompetency.

Cunning. Very cunning.