Sunday, April 01, 2007

Silent Bob

I’m not one for silencing dissent. I believe people can and should be skeptical of all scientific output, particularly that which impacts on the well-being of our own and future generations.

Having said that, if a person claims to falsify the research of others, and are then shown to be incorrect, they should be politely called on it. Disputes over the validity of particular results happen all the time in all scientific fields, and it’s certainly better to question and be incorrect than to never question at all.

But, and this is a big BUT, if the questioner or others knowingly repeat the same dodgy claims ad infinitum, they deserve to be the subject of ridicule.

Bob Carter deserves to be the subject of ridicule.

Here’s a man who claims massive mainstream media silencing of skeptics. At the same time Bob's own output can be seen on the editorial pages of the Australian, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Telegraph among other broadsheets, on ABC radio and at Online Opinion.

Perhaps Bob uses the little-known definition of silenced:
In the friggin’ media blathering on constantly.
Unsurprisingly, Silent Bob has produced yet another ‘report’. Same old, same old.

Bob does, however, reach new levels of chutzpah on the front cover.

You probably didn’t know this, but Bob and some bloke by the name of 'Galileo' are, in fact, soul-mates.

So, before anyone else claims him, I shall begin all my future posts with a piccie of my good soul-buddy; Isaac Newton.

Go straight for the best, I say.

Though, all that alchemy stuff Isaac got up to I’m not so sure maybe I won’t go for him after all. Einstein perhaps?