Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ian Plimer: Doin' Oz proud.

Ya just can’t make this stuff up.

‘Top scientist’ Ian Plimer, winner of several notable science prizes, debunks global warming.

Says Ian:
When meteorologists can change the weather then we can start to think about humans changing climate.
If meteorologists can’t cast magical spells from their offices to bring about at least one sunny day per weekend they don’t even deserve their jobs, I reckon.
I think we really are a little bit naive to think we can change astronomical and solar processes.
What? We can’t change astronomical processes? Clearly, the destruction of the Death Star and its subsequent replacement demonstrates that isn’t true.
He said he found that about 0.1 per cent of the atmospheric carbon dioxide was due to human activity and much of the rest due to little-understood geological phenomena.
Trolls, perhaps?
Prof Plimer also argued El Nino and La Nina were caused by major processes of earthquake activity and volcanic activity in the mid-ocean ridges, rather than any increase in greenhouse gases.
Seriously, El Nino and La Nina aren’t caused by increases in GHGs? Who woulda thunk it?
Nor does the melting of polar ice have anything to do with man-made carbon dioxide, he said.

“Great icebergs come off, not due to temperature change but due to the physics of ice and the flow of ice,” Prof Plimer said.
Ice melting due to temperature? Bahhhh…..that’s about as likely as the earth being orange-shaped.
There had even been periods in history with hundreds of times more atmospheric carbon dioxide than now with “no problem”, he said.
Hundreds of times? That’s like 38 300 ppm +. That must have happened…oh…never since we had an atmosphere with oxygen in it (and maybe not even then – I couldn’t be bothered looking it up.) Then again, just because last time [CO2] was even 20 times above today’s levels plants and animals hadn’t yet evolved means nothin’. Everyone was happy then. There wasn’t none of that rock music or reality TV. Thems were the days.
“You'd be very hard pushed to find a geologist that would differ from my view,” he said.
If only such geologists controlled the world. A panacea it would be.