Monday, March 17, 2008

Bolt caught deceiving (yet again)

This is quite funny. According to Andrew Bolt, evil cherry-picking scientists are saying heat-waves such as the current one we are undergoing in Adelaide could become more common in a warmer world. This a a tewwible crime!

And just to prove he's shooting for dux of the class in the Nexus 6 School of Denial, he's followed lesson 2: Make shit up.

Bolt displays this image to prove that it's actually really, really cold somewhere else in the world. According to Bolt: near New York right now.

Unfortunately for the screachy one, the image is from North Eastern Canada in 2004.

Poor Bolty.

UPDATE: In a stunning move, Bolt has recanted his entire post, apologised to the CSIRO for smearing their good name and humbly prostrated himself in front of his readers and begged for forgiveness for his deception of publishing a 4 year-old Canadian photo as a counterpoint to the record current Adelaide heat-wave:
Readers say the above image sent by Janek was from Japan, or Canada, or somewhere else not enjoying Adelaide’s bit of heat.

What a twat. Admit you screwed up ya tosser!! It's an old photo, probably taken in winter, from an area that snows a lot. Kind of like saying Milli Vanilli proves 21st century Rock is dead!

However, Bolt, true to form, just digs a little deeper in the snow:

But for those wanting a newer picture, here’s one of the Ottawa garages crushed by Canada’s huge snows:

How would the CSIRO spin this?
I dunno, Bolty. Perhaps they'd look at the temperatures for Ottawa this month. Perhaps they'd compare them to historical temperatures for the month of March. Maybe, just maybe, they'd opine that Ottawa's March temperatures haven't been extreme, either up or down, at all.

One thing I would be reasonably sure of though, they wouldn't be stupid enough to confuse high snowfall with low temperature.