Sunday, March 16, 2008

Scholarly wingnut

Andrew Bolt is perhaps the most scientifically challenged of all the Australian bloggers who commit a fair portion of their posts to climate change (and that sure is saying something, though to be fair, Tim Blair ain't exactly Arrhenius either).

But it's good to see he's being studying hard at the institution known as none other than the Nexus 6 School of Denial. Ever a committed, if slightly dim, student, Bolt took a whole five days to adapt the lessons learnt from this particular cartoon to the Adelaide heat-wave situation.

The CSIRO’s global warming alarmists talk up a hot burst in Adelaide:

CSIRO principal research scientist Kevin Hennessy said the current heat wave was consistent with predictions of future extreme temperatures.

If a week of hot weather in Adelaide is evidence of global warming to the CSIRO, what does the CSIRO think three months of colder weather around the whole globe prove?

“Cherry-picking” hardly describes this.

Nothing if not predictable is the angry little fella.