Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fark, it's hot here!

rAdelaide, ma' base, hit the record for the longest heat wave (days above 35C) in 121 years of recorded temperatures yesterday, the ninth scorcher in a row. Not that amazing, you may think, as there have been eight other occasions of eight day heat waves (the most recent being in 2004). Here's the thing though, temperatures are not expected to dip until at least next Wednesday, meaning we are looking at a doubling of the previous record. Goddamn!! And it's not even summer any more here! So what have 'teh evil climate larmists' got to say:

Bureau of Meteorology South Australian regional director Andrew Watson said Adelaide was entering a new era of high temperatures.

"Twenty years ago the same meteorology would not have produced the same temperatures," he said. "We are very confident that this is correlated to a general warming of the atmosphere."

National Climate Centre climatologist Blair Trewin said a 14-day record would place Adelaide "off the scale" of Australian temperature records. "It will go down as one of the most significant prolonged heatwaves anywhere in Australia," Dr Trewin said.

Beer haulage trucks will need armed guards Mad Max style soon.

Anyways, I think we can be fairly confidant about what'll happen next: wingnuts will claim that the surface stations are broken and we're actually undergoing a frigidly cold snap, thus disproving global warming. I'd put money on it if I were a betting man.