Friday, November 10, 2006

Democrats smashed!!

It appears I was utterly wrong in my earlier post. I apologise. The Democrats actually performed below expectations in the US mid-term elections. According to Andrew Bolt:

"The Democrats this time did well, but not well enough with all the cards they were given."

The same Andrew Bolt who said this prior to the election?

"Bush whacks back hard. This is a sublime coincidence of conviction, self-interest and opportunity. It will shift votes."

Sublime. Oh yeah! Or maybe he meant it will shift votes to the Dems?

"There are signs already that the Democrats may not actually score the huge wins in next week’s mid-term elections that they and their media supporters gloated over so unwisely."

Being absolutely correct is the new unwise? That’s the fantasy-based community for ya!
"The 'big setback for Bush' might not be"

Must have meant the Dems taking control of both Houses would be a big step forward – which it is.

By far the best, though, is this little gem from Blair-sycophant Dave S., which was endorsed by itsapundit as Sentence Of The Year.

"The Republicans lost and the Democrats won for the same reason -- they distanced themselves from their base."

Got that? US voters actually wanted to vote for Republicans, and the only way to do that was to vote for Democrats. I second the call for sentence of the year.