Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Alas, poor Monckton

Wing-nuts, shills and assorted denialists are trumpeting the release of “Apocalypse cancelled”, by acclaimed climate researcher journalist Christopher Monckton.

Let’s look at the response to date.

Tim Lambert rips into the article and some of its bizarre and twisted claims.

Climate Audit proclaims:
“The backgrounder in particular is a pretty good overview of the current state of the science, such as it is, and covers the salient points from MM03, MM05GRL and MM05EE pretty well."
Kiss of death, that. Perhaps Monckton should have looked at this review, plus various other bits and pieces, to understand why the Auditors are a bit of a joke amongst the climate research community.

So let’s be honest, to date things aren’t looking good for “Apocalypse cancelled”.

I’ve done a bit of my own research and have uncovered an untruth so heinous that I feel dirty even repeating it on my bog. However, it must be exposed.

Monckton states:
“…..State of Fear (Crichton, 2004), a best-selling techno-thriller giving an influential, sceptical and thoroughly-referenced account of the climate-change debate.”

I’ve got news for you, Monckton. State of Fear is fiction. It is not an account of the climate change debate as that would involve something called reality. Not only is it fiction, it’s poorly-written excrement by an author long past his prime. Unbelievably, it’s even worse the Crichton’s Prey, a feat I thought not humanly possible.

Now, Monckton makes other claims such as solar output being the primary forcing agent behind climate change, that most of the world’s glaciers are retreating etc., but why even bother to refute them? It would just be cruel.