Monday, May 07, 2007

Screechy strikes back

I post on Wednesday.

On Thursday, *Australia’s finest news-source,, feels a wider audience is justified.

Screechy posts on Saturday, dissing the finest of filums: Bladerunner.


IMO Bolta has completely misread the theme of the book and movie, but hey, it’s art; each to their own, interpret as you will, blah blah (and that even goes for simple Tory boys)

He’s even nicely posted the image that I’ve cut down for a little decoration for my title as well. Good on ya, screechy!

Both Bolt and I run a terrible risk for using that. We could end up like this guy.

He posted someone else’s intellectual property on the intertubes. Naughty, naughty…but no money or profit involved.

So what’s our government do? Why, they lock him up for three years, and then extradite him to the US to face 10 years in the Big House. A bit rough, I would have thought, for someone who has never set foot there, and whose crime would have elicited a far lesser punishment in the country it was actually committed in. Unsurprisingly, other nationals who did the same naughty were tried in their own countries.

It’s yet another example of the malaise striking our longstanding conservative government that our system of justice is outsourced in this way: “It’s not something we can deal with; best our older siblings who wield a bigger stick sought it out.”

Funnily enough, it’s the neo-cons like our Screechy who demand, over and over again, that we submit in this way.

Perhaps it’s better to be careful what you ask for?

* I want a free sub for that.