Wednesday, January 30, 2008

David Archibald: Orator. Genius.

I've gone off all this global warming stuff.

What changed my mind, you may well ask.

To you I would say two words: Archibald. David.

The following searingly incisive lecture was presented to a hugely appreciative audience of...I least 10 million (with untold billions watching on the box).

It's uplifting stuff, bringing to mind a younger version of a Barak Obama / Tom Cruise hybrid.

For your pleasure, I present:

There's a few more of these vids, but the first one is so good, there's no point seeing the rest. However, there is one little excerpt I found interesting in part 4:
Prof. Bob Carter (1:45): "[David Archibald], I completely agree with you and support your analysis."
Way to go, Bob!!!! I knew you were an important and eminently sensible contributor to the so-called climate debate. Kind of reminds me how Edward Wegman supported you and your absolutely proven hypothesis that global warming ended in 1998. What a feelgood world we live in!!