Thursday, December 13, 2007

I is back!!!!!

A nice little break has been had. The recent Australian election, won by the forces of good, has admittedly occupied my small mind for some time now.

Ahhhh......isn't life good. I've a fine bottle of plonk from Murray St. vineyards in the Barossa, won from the proceeds on betting on Australia's denialist-in-chief John W. Howard losing his seat to Maxine McKew. It'll go down so well on a nice'n'hot QLD NYE celebration with the F&F. Almost as importantly, our country is now lead by a statesman who not only has ratified Kyoto, he's taken the US to task. All in two weeks!!!! Long may Rudd reign.

Anyways, I'm splitting my blogging time a little nowadays - I've a new wine review blog. If you like Oz wine (particularly SA wine), check it out. Hopefully a nice little database of reviews'll build up over time. Also, the most anticipated event of the year, the annual Nexus 6 blog awards, will be up any day now. He..he..he..hee!!!