Monday, February 26, 2007

Hard times

Just scanning the weekly output from those a little distrustful of reality and I must say I'm underwhelmed. Ever since the great AR4 sea-level controversy of January 2007, they've gone a little flat. Almost like their hearts just aren't in it any more. (BTW...don't ya just love the denialist term 'debate' when it comes to differing scientific opinions. So, well, unscientific. Scientists argue. They don't 'debate'. Debate sounds formal. If there is one thing scientists aren't, it's formal. Well, not the lot I work with anyway.....but I digress).

Perhaps the hard times for the 'you-just-want-to-destroy-capitalism' crew are due to certain limitations in methodology. Wellington Grey captures perfectly the two modes of thinking; reality-based and faith-based.

Maybe you just run out of new things to say after a while when you have so little to work with.

"Al Gore's bad"
"Yeah.....Al Gore's so bad"
"Cosmic rays"
"Al Gore just won an oscar, so he's bad"
"Al Gore's.......ahhh, I give up"