Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Howard Government’s response to the Stern Review: Spin

Australia will take virtually no action to combat global warming. According to the government, new technology is the answer, particularly clean-coal technology.

Nice in theory.

But what is the government actually doing to help bring about the development and adoption of this critical technology?

Stuff all. According to the Age:

To award the CSIRO just $8 million to develop a unit to separate and capture carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power stations is to seriously underestimate the scope of the problem, especially when the Government expects an export market for the unit. Eight million dollars.

Compare that to:

$90 million for sheiks in schools
$208.5 million for Liberal Party propaganda Government advertising

Lucky CSIRO. Maybe they should get a few chaplains in on the cheap and funnel off some of the money for research.

If the CSIRO, or some other group, did manage to develop effective clean-coal technology, would it be used? There would be costs involved for implementation and operation and, therefore, a slight reduction in profits for an adopting power-generation company. There is no legal obligation to use it. Simple answer, under Howard there will be no adoption of clean-coal technology. Quite sad, really.

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