Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fear Not

Normal service resuming from tomorrow.

In the mean time, ponder this little gem from "climatologist" William Kininmonth:
Investment in geosequestration and other forms of 'clean coal' are increasing the amount of resource needed to produce each unit of energy by up to 30 percent (according to one IPCC report). That is, we are contemplating using the non-renewable resource 30 percent faster (and bringing the effective lifetime forward by 30 percent) in order to achieve the chimera of CO2 emission reduction.
Increasing price by 30% = increasing rate of usage by 30 % = William's understanding of basic economics is not so good

Increasing rate of usage by 30 % = bringing forward the effective lifetime by 30 % = William's understanding of basic mathematics is not so good.

William's grasp of climate science isn't great either, but we already knew that.