Thursday, January 11, 2007

The sound of silence

A couple of Tim Blair's posts on Iraq 2 years ago:

1. Earlier editions of Arthur Chrenkoff’s Good News from Iraq series contained 71 links to underreported “good news” stories. The latest edition contains 178 links. A similar trend is evident in Chrenkoff’s coverage of reporting from Afghanistan. As Arthur writes:

"Either there is more and more good news coming out of both Iraq or Afghanistan, or the reporters are getting increasingly optimistic about the situation there, or both. Whatever’s the answer, it’s good news."

Sure is.

2. Lefty Mark Bahnisch speaks for his fellows:

"I doubt that I want to say very much about the current situation in Iraq actually"

Yeah. It’s too good.
Tim Blair today, when a major new strategy was released by Bush involving the addition of 20 000 troops to attempt to quell the civil war:


Whatever happened to the good news, tim?

It's as though even the staunchest of warbloggers can no longer spin how great and glorious the democratisation if Iraq is.

But admit they were terribly wrong? Not a chance.