Thursday, July 10, 2008

No climate change here. Move along.

Clearly the melting of the Arctic ended in 2007. The following graph indicates rapid cooling and a high probability of imminent ice age.

1934. 2008. Al Gore fat.

Woh....this heavy liftin' in the analysis stakes is gettin' a little much - better hand over to Jennifer Marohasy:

We have become familiar with this representation of global temperatures but it is contrived to emphasis difference and in particular the extent to which temperatures have increased from 1850 to the present. When the same data is plotted just showing the actual global mean temperature for the same time period, the trend is no longer evident, Figure 3.

Figure 3. Global Mean Temperature from 1850 - 2007

Climate changes constantly but in reality it changes not at all. So said Galileo. Never forget that.