Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Greens party score multiple own goals to lose match

When the fanatical Right vie with the fanatical Left for the title of “I’m Teh Mostest Insane”, it’s akin to a bare-fist, unlimited rounds boxing match fought by blind identical twins. The Greens have, however, delivered a devastating haymaker with this submission to the Resource Development and Planning Commission concerning the construction of a pulp mill in Tasmania. The Greens apparently believe that the new mill will “bring HIV, melt the ski-fields in New Zealand, cause international diplomatic incidents and, to cap it all off, create a crisis in the Australian economy”. Personally, I don’t see too many benefits in the logging of old growth forests other than relatively short-term economic gains and, of course, local electoral appeal for pollies allowing it to continue. The loss of pristine, old-growth wilderness is a rather large negative in my view, which is why the garbage called Greens policy seriously annoys me. Like Monday’s silly global warming skeptic-silencing letter, they do far more harm than good for the causes they supposedly support.

[The Greens] claim that because there will be men working on the mill's construction who are without partners, prostitution and fights over women will be the order of the day. Those workers will maraud around the community, seeking "entertainment opportunities, including female companionship in the local community. This may result in conflict with local men," the submission opines.
Now there’s an argument to shut down any large new development in a regional area where construction workers come from outside. It’s novel, I’ll give it that.

And when they’ve finished with the local women and fisty-cuffed all the local men, what are the marauders going to do? Import child prostitutes, that’s what.

And sex workers from Melbourne will be flown in to help alleviate the sex drive of workers. There may even be child prostitution if the pulp mill is built, claim the Greens.
There is, of course, more. These marauding, wife-stealing, husband-bashing pedophile workers will be, dare I say it, foreign. And what do foreigners mean to the Greens? Disease. Kind of goes without saying, doesn’t it? I can’t even recall Pauline Hanson saying anything as outwardly racist as this.

Even worse, if the foreign types send money back home to support their families, they’re stealing from us!! Nice of the Greens to care so much.

And in another demonstration of just how mean-spirited the Greens really are on migration issues, they claim in their submission that workers from overseas will be used on the project and those workers will send money back home to their families.

It’s hard to go on, but I will.Once construction has finished, the Greens believe that pollution from the pulp mill will shorten New Zealand’s ski season and ruin their agricultural sector, thus causing a diplomatic incident when NZ sues Australia. It’s almost impossible to parody this stuff.Last but not least, as the expert economists among the Greens Party have calculated:
Interest rates will increase, inflation will rise and Australia will default on its foreign debt if the pulp mill is built.

Not only is NZ doomed, we’re doomed as well. Why on Earth would anyone vote for these fruit cakes? They have not one shred of evidence to back any of their assertions up. They’re scientifically and economically wrong, as well as being condescending to construction workers and racist. And because they can’t be sensible about this issue, they’ve pretty much given the green light of approval for the mill to go ahead. Idiots.