Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Windschuttle Hoaxer revealed (II) - Katherine Wilson

OK. OK. Bonnie Prince Charlie informs me he was out having his way with hounds and wild foxes or some such.

So who does that leave?

The focus is moving to weathergirl Katherine Wilson; Crikey contributor, anti-science activist and Quadrant loather.


But, really, not a good look for Crikey as a 'new-media' news organisation if she is the hoaxer.

UPDATE:  Some interesting, though uncouth, discussion in comments at Catallaxy.

UPDATE 2:  It seems our Katherine was tried to hoax Quadrant  before.

UPDATE 3:  Suprise.  Suprise.  It's Katherine.  Interesting piece of work.  Doesn't like hoaxers, but consistancy doesn't seem to be her strong suit.

For a pointer on how she operates, here's a comment from Prof. Rick Roush at Crikey:

By an interesting coincidence, I was interviewed by the Age about Gould's Quadrant hoax a few days ago. I cannot remember even hearing of Karen Wilson before today, but have now learned that she has a protected website about me, which came as quite a surprise ( Why is it protected? No idea, but then, I don't know what Wilson has written there.

The Age reporter has brought to my attention that Wilson has a previous article in Crikey that mentions me and others. It has several errors, of fact and interpretation, including various accusations. Wilson never contact ed me for comment, and I doubt she contacted the others attacked in her piece. is there a mechanism for me to ask Crikey for a correction?