Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Science Fiction

Read about this little questionaire over at More Grumbine Science. I like me some sci-fi, so I thought I'd have a crack at it.

Here Goes.
What is your relationship to science fiction?
I occasionally pass an eye over the sites of Watts, McIntyre, Marohasy etc.
Do you read it?
If by read you mean that strange sensation of searing pain that passes from my ruptured eyeballs to my deadened synapses, then yes, I read it.
Watch it?
Like a particularly gruesome train wreck.
What/who do you like and why?
I loves 'em all. Their laughable attempts at denial, though initially effective at introducing doubt to lesser minds, have lost all worth now that the loony Right has fallen in Oz and the US.
What do you see as science fiction's role in promoting science, if any?
Showing what science fact isn’t.
Can it do more than make people excited about science?
Adding some links to cool Ninja v. Pirate sites would help.
Can it harm the cause of science?
Sure, if real scientists or the general public not twisted by inflexible ideology took any notice of it. Thankfully, they don’t.
Have you used science fiction as a starting point to talk about science?
Yeah, as the butt of many jokes and the cause of much hilarity. Once the crowd's warmed up, then I talk about real science.
Is it easier to talk about people doing it right or getting it wrong?
Getting it horrible wrong in a particularly embarrassing way is far more entertaining.
Are there any specific science or science fiction blogs you would recommend to interested readers or writers?
My favourite.