Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Prawn of the week II

Jennifer Marohasy.

Jen started a recent post about denialist parliamentarian Dennis Jensen with a single breathless sentence.
DR Dennis Jensen BAppSc (RMIT), MSc (Melb), PhD (Monash) is the only member of the Australian Parliament with any training in science.
Now, exhorting the qualifications of an inactivist is standard denialist procedure. All those letters must mean 'smart'.

But the only member of parliament with any training in science?


No. Of course not.

A quick search showed that Jim Turnour, the Labor Member for Leichhardt, is also a scientist - an agricultural scientist, to be exact.

Jim is also, of course, Jen Marohasy's very own brother, and a pretty decent bloke, by the sound of it.