Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Why Andrew Bolt is a fraud

Bolt today, discussing this graph:

...the US National Snow and Ice Data Center finds the sea ice in the Southern Hemisphere steadily growing, not shrinking.
Steadily growing, not shrinking.

Just saviour that a little.

Steadily growing, not shrinking.

Ignoring the fact that the range given for the slope shows that it maybe isn’t increasing (it’s 0.7 + or – 0.7% remember), Bolt’s comment is a reasonable summation for July Southern Hemisphere sea ice extent anomalies since 1979.

However, since its peak in 2003, the July anomaly has been falling. For five years the 2003 extent remains unmatched.

Mean anything?

Nah…five years is too short a time period to sort out the signal from the noise.

Yet, here’s Bolty discussing sea level a short time ago.

The graph shows another surprise those models never predicted: the seas have stopped rising.
Yes, you read that correctly; the seas have stopped rising, based on just one year's data.

And then there's the false “global warming ended in 1998 or 2002 or 2003” meme.

What a fraud.