Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Media Watch v. Hate speech

Just caught the repeat of Media Watch on ABC. Interesting little section on hate speech in the comments sections in big-media news sites and blogs. Of particular interest is the Murdoch-owned Daily Telegraph site and the blog of the Telegraph’s opinion editor, one Tim Blair.
It's not just newspaper and online editors who're prepared to tolerate cyber-racism in the name of free speech.

There are the bloggers.

Tim Blair, who edits The Daily Telegraph's opinion pages, also runs a blog.

He allowed this vicious discussion about Muslim taxi drivers supposedly knocking back passengers with guide dogs.
A number of examples are given from a single thread, but pick any of Blair’s threads about Muslims and you’ll get the same thing.

Pretty much the same as what you would get from a Neo-Nazi site like Stormfront (and there’s no way I’m going to link to that filth).

Blair’s response, and particularly those of the commenters named in the show, are rather pathetic to say the least.

And to think this guy was the shining light of Right-wing humour. Though, to be fair, the competition wasn't great. Sadly, I think I'll might move on for my RWDB funnies now.

Check 'dis out:

Oh, the laughs!!!!