Thursday, December 21, 2006

The 2006 Inaugural Nexus 6 Weblog Awards

Blogs nominated by me. Votes by me. Results tallied by me.

And the winners are:

Best Australian Science Blog: Deltoid
- For exposure of numerous myths concerning DDT, climate change and Tim Blair.

Best Science Blog: Pharyngula
- For exposure of myths concerning religion, creationism and intelligent design + some nice pieces on development.

Best Australian Environment Blog: Jennifer Marohasy
- Sure, she's a senior fellow of the IPA and has an agenda, but posts on interesting topics and has a lively commentary.

Best Right-wing blog: Tim Blair
- often wrong and always annoying, but does provide a chuckle here and there.

Best Left-wing blog: Larvatus Prodeo
- thoughtful and doesn't go too overboard on the Lefty stuff. Actual real debate even sometimes occurs.

And now we're getting to the big awards people.

Breathe deeply.

Here we go.

Australia's worst blog (tie): Andrew Bolt and Andrew Landeryou

Bolt is frequently wrong, doesn't understand complex topics, has absolutely no sense of humour and is a talentless writer. His blog demonstrates this in spades.

Landeryou is simply a nasty, nasty little man. His blog demonstrates this in spades.

Australia's best blog: Blogocracy (and Road to Surfdom)

Smart move by News Ltd. picking up Tim Dunlop. Nicely exposes the mistakes and wrong-doings of the all-powerful Right, from the Howard government to George Bush to a compliant media. Nails them every time.

Best foreign blog: The Rude Pundit

His Rudeness is required daily reading. He is a very naughty man. That is all that needs to be said.