Thursday, November 30, 2006

Walkley Awards: Milne v. Mayne

Classic television. 'Poison Dwarf' Glenn Milne, who may have had one or two lagers, attacked founder Stephen Mayne on stage at the Walkley's. Did Milne obtain permission from Peter Costello before launching said assault? That's the question everyone's asking. Mayne has already been condemned by Tim Blair. Accordingly, my recently-lapsed Crikey subscription will be immediately renewed.

Deserving Walkley winners were:
Jack Marx for his brilliant blog post on being Russel Crowe's stooge, and
Steve Kinnane, ex-JJJ Hack host and good bloke.

I suspect there will be only mid-strength beers available at next year's awards (and, unfortunately, at today's Ashes Test at the Adelaide Oval).